Saturday, 16 January 2016

Hi again . Wow what a crazy 2 weeks I have had . I went back to work after Christmas to find out the company I worked for was closing its doors so I was made redundant . Then I had an interview and got another job doing similar to what I was doing. It is a pay drop ,but its work and I can work my way up . So I have had a major head spin trying to get my head around everything and deciding what I was going to do .I had 4 days not know what I was going to do and not sure if anyone would put me on as I am due to have surgery on the 21st of this month . I decided it was time to take controll and do some of the things I really wanted to do so I  put in an application to do a Advanced Diploma in Inter Transpersonal Art Therapy . I got accepted and am waiting to here if there is enough people to start the classes . So I have had a bit of time to playas well  . 

When I lived in Sydney I bought a wooden frame that holds a scrapbook protector page . I use it to display my work when teaching and have step by step pages that I flip over . Everyone asks where I got it as they want one . I decided to have a go at making them . Below is my first completed raw pine one on the right . The white on on the left is the original bought one . 

I love this frame but think its a bit plain so I decided to dress it up a bit .

Here is a front photo of the dressed up and finished . Yeah doesnt look much does it wait till you see the sides . 

This is the first side I did . after I had finished it I thought it needed some micro beads to make it complete .

Here it is with micro beads . What do you think better with micro beads or with out ?? .

This is the  opposite side . I used some chipboard laser cuts from Scrap FX on this side  . I had fun making this little fairy . I have always had a fascination for magical creatures . Fairies Mermaids Dragons ,they all appeal to me and make they when every I can.

A close up of the Fairy I think Ill be making another one real soon . I really enjoyed making this frame and have start some more . I may even sell some of them . Thats all for now peeps . Stay safe and keep scrapping .