Friday, 31 August 2012

I had no classes today so I took some time to scrap .This photo is of my oldest daughter Aimee and my grandson Eli, her nephew. Its such a nice photo of them both together and Eli adores his Aunty.

Yep have made a banner again but their so cute, I have  used Fiesta Flags die (Fancy That dies) Kaiser paper and ribbon flowers and crochet lace ribbon and cardstock.

 I have used my heat gun and melted the ribbon flowers I like they way they look when I do this .
I have used some hidden journaling again I put white cardstock on it for the photo so it shows up really well .I changed it to cream once I took this photo .

I got my inspiration for this page from a card which I do a lot . Here is the link Have a look and let me know what you think .


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I have a bit of a boy thing happening at the moment LOL . For this page I have use Kaiser Old World paper range . It is only 80c a sheet Got to be happy with that . This photo of my son is not a great shot as he took it himself  but I really wanted to use it To remind me that everyones prespective is different because I do tend to forget this sometimes .
I really love the new little bunting charms that I got this week .I thought that they would be great for cards ,but dont they look good on a page too .

Iam always asked about putting flowers on a male page and I tell people I do  . Having said that you really need to look closely at your page and what type of  flowers will work . I have used block resin kaiser flowers here and the big bronze flower has a black gem in the centre . The large flower blends well with the gears I used . In the end it really comes down to wether you like it or not . There are no set rules , go ahead and try it if it doesnt work try something else.Sometimes Ill spend hours laying things on the page before I find what I like and I think works well on the page.

                                               I have used the same sketch from two posts ago .

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Your Most Favorite Jumper"
I have used Kaiser 13th Hour paper not my most favorite paper ranger (challenged by Ann the Boss at Kaiser to use this range for October ) the colours went well with the photos. I have a bit of a banner and ticket addicition at the moment . Love them . I have used lots of my charms on the overlaying banner .
The small clock inside the embelishment is a pull tab with hidden journalling .  I do a lot of hidden journalling because my pages end up in shops for all to see and I dont always want everyone to read what I write its for my son when Iam no longer here to remind him of this moment.

Everyone knows I love bling but adding it to boy pages isnt always easy ,But I think it works well on this page to add a bit of texture and sparkle . .

Two of the photos are mounted and two are flat as is the black clock and large bird at the top of first photo .

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A new page I did today . These photos are of my youngest daughter and myself,taken about three years ago . I love the photos and this Kaiser paper . I have used some of the colectables to look like fussy cutting. I have used a heat gun to shink the ribbon flowers a bit and give more texture .

I love this cameo it added to the charm of the page .

Monday, 13 August 2012

I have used the same sketch as the last page posted to show how to easy it is to change a page from girl to boy. I am doing this for a class and am trying to get ladies to think about sketches as both male and female pages .

These are my twin grandsons and they certainly are double trouble but always double the fun .

Oops just relised the paper has fallen out of the bottle cap .

I just went to check the bottle cap and found the Page destroyer sitting on my pages . Not Happy Jan . Anyone want a cat? 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

I dont do cute pages very much but I thought this paper from Kaiser (Fine & Sunny) worked really well with the photos. I added my title after the photos . I titled it " Your Smile is like a Sunny Day " which I added to the clounds that are near the sun.

The photos are of my Granddaughter Dakota .

The cardstock looks a bit lumpy as I glimmer misted it, the sparkles arent showing up in photo. It has Kindy glitz all over the embellishments as well and demensional magic.

Wow I amazed my self a page with no charms on it .Mmm wonder if I can fix that. LOL

Friday, 10 August 2012

 A page I have done of my 13 year old grandson Maison . I asked him to smile for the photo and he replied Iam " Too Gangster to Smile " I nearly couldnt take the photo I was laughing so hard .

I have used Kaiser paper range" Old World" and ripped and inked the edges . This paper gave a grundgy appearance with out doing anything much else to the paper. I used the new Kaiser Timeless Collection ribbon on the banner . This new ribbon is cotton blend so you can spray it and ink it to change the colour . 

I have punched out stars with the spellbinders dies and layered them on top of each other ,then added a small punched out glitter star in the middle and around the edges .I added some feathers to soften the look a little because really Maison is a real sweet boy.!!!

I really love using jute twine . You can use it not only on grundgy pages but on romantic pages as well .It is a very versitile producted . I have added a lot of bronze charms just cause I love to use them and they look great LOL.

I have added a flattened  bottle cap with a photo inside attached to a paper clip . You can get paper clips in so many different colours they add intrest and demension to a page .

 One of my "Fans"  Kay gave me some off cut pieces of cardboard that they throw out at her workplace and asked me if I could use them . They are really neat . I peeled the first layer of paper off it then inked them and stuck it under the edge of the photo with a bit of ribbon on top .

Oh well back to the scrap table for me I need to get some more pages done ( I just wrote work but changed it ,cause scrapping is never work )   Untill next time stay safe and sain with scrapppy.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Page Destroyer .
I did this page with Tina Connolly at Greenbank srapbook shop on Friday . The photo is of my cat Peaches . Peaches is the cat that thinks its ok to eat pages ,lie on them , walk on them with wet muddy paws and do anything that will destroy my pages. She only ever does it if I leave them on the kitchen bench. You'd think I'd learn not to leave them there hey .

Enjoyed playing with this page .Tina is a great teacher very talented and passionate about scrapping. Tina is a fountain of scrapping knowledge and is so willing to share it with others . Do your self a big favour and book into one of her classes you wont regret it .

Used Guesso on the paper then added tape, glitter, beads, mesh,chain then misted all over added some embellishments.

I loved the pink glittery flamigo button had to use it .I love how the chipboard cogs came out with a bit of embossing and inking and demensional magic.I got to try Lindies Stamp Gang mists (they are exceptionally shimmery dont think mine will ever compare )and embossing powder.

These little heart stick pins are so cute love them .