Friday, 29 June 2012

A page I did this afternoon of my son Ethan who we call Etunnar . He is very unwell at the moment and is in a mental health facility recieving ECT . This page is how I see his illness . Its colourful and kaotic and the book paper stiched together is how he talks when unwell random sentences pieced together to form what he thinks is a conversation .

I love how the background came out .It is really quite sparkly and colourful  .

Well heres the amended version of our flower swap for June 2012 With Tina's lovely flower in the photo . Once again I am so sorry about forgetting you Tina  I have so much happening at the moment .


  I love your work ladies and am looking forward to July Red flowers with a twist of Gold < Hmm think Ill be going for the xmas in july look LOL .Remember if you wish to join our group you will need to email Kay at  before the end of the month so be quick .

Friday, 22 June 2012

Seems I jumped ahead of myself for this month and left one of our new members off my flower swap . I forgot all about Tina Connolly. How silly of me . Ill have to post a special pic just for you Tina .  
Hi Everyone here are photos of this months flower swap , what a fabulous job everyone has done, none are alike once again . I simple love the effort evrryone put  in  I will be sending off a set of these to , as each of the members of our swap agreed to make an extra flower each month so we can donate to this worthy course check out their site and read about the great work they do . I was so touched because some of you sent me several flowers to send to Harrisons Little Wings . Iam sure your generosity will be warmly appreciated. Iam so proud of all you wonderful women for helping me give a little to this worthy course. 
A list of the blog addresses for the members of this swap
Sarha Schultz
and me of course . I cant wait for next month . If you would like to join our group you will need to contact Hiedi Williams at before the end of June  so you can be in the July swap . If you want more details about the swap you can find  them here

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The page I did yesterday . The photos are from my trip to Thailand in 2010 , These are the first photos of my holiday I have scrapped . I took about 700 photos and some are fantastic , just havent had holiday scrapping mojo . Iam more about scrapping my family. I find scrapping photos of my self really hard. I do really love these photos not just cause I got to pat 6 different Tigers but I love the colours in them . they match this paper so well . The flowers are hand made as usual on my pages . Its not quiet as blingy as I usual do but its hard to bling up a monk and a tiger with out making it look cheap. Iam very happy with it now and for anyone who read my facebook post I did change a few things before I took the photos LOL .

The flowers are punched out paper then scrunged up then they have demensional magic over them .There is acetate over the large photo with stamping with stazon over the acetate .

Honestly  I was not as relaxed as I look . When that tiger yawned it scared the heck out of me . I have a few photos where the guide grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the tiger just as it growled at me . These tigers are wild and come in and feed and sleep at the cave the monks have made at thier temple. People bring sick and injured tigers to the monks and they nurse them back to health the tigers then keep coming back every day.The monk standing with me is the guy who started the Tiger Temple . He only has his photo taken ocassionally guess it was my lucky day. Patting tigers and blessed by a monk .

Saturday, 16 June 2012

This is a album cover I made a while ago to put my pages in out at Greenbank Shop. I had a lot of fun making it with all the texture paste ,spraying ,handmade flowers ,charms and bling on it. At first I wasnt that happy with it but my friend Anna told me to stop being crazy it was great so I went with it and it been a big hit Lots of people like it and want to learn how to do it . I used a Kaiser folder and tried different things and Hey Presto this is it. Of course for a better look head out to Greenbank Scrapbook Shop and have a jack , Oh yeah check out my work inside as well and Tell Lisa I sent you LOL .

                                                          Close ups.

                  Thought Id take the chance and put my Business card on it as free advertising .

The box and album I made that I made using some of Tim Holtz products .The same one I posted a photo of him signing his name on the bottom of it .The lid is aat the top of picture then the bottom of the box in the middle ,turned upside down to show the signature. and the album is at the bottom of the photo.Iteach this as a all day class both at Greenbank Scrapbook shop and Kaiser Brownsplains. 

                                                       Close up of Tims autograph.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Not sure why these photos are on a different post but they are close ups of the page I did for Cassie . Hope she likes it.

Can you see the tiny little cherubs hiding in amongst the flowers very cute.

A page I have done for Cassie at Kaiser Brownsplains. the photo is not that good . There is acetate over the photo with stamping on it the flowers are handdmade and coated with demensional magic . All the paper is Kaiser .

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I thought I was having a good week meeting Melisa Kenedy ( Head  Designer for Kaiser craft)who by the way is friends with Tim Holtz, she told me she loved my work . Then I get to meet Tim and have my photo taken , will my life ever feel the same ??????
This is another Photo of Tim Holtz from Ranger Industries signing the box I made and teach, using some of his products . Thats my box hes holding, How awesome is that . Yep was very excited . The best part was it wasnt planned . I didnt know lisa was taking the box in then I ran into her at the show and she said heres the box get Tim to sign it . So I worked my magic ( pushed in really ) and asked him to sign it This box I made using your products . He checked it out and said "Great job" yes I know he was being polite but it still gave me a thrill. and I asked if he would mind if we display the photos in Greenbank Scrapbook shop He said " Sure Why Not." Love you TIM .

I was very excited to meet Tim Holtz at the Brisbane Scrapbook\king show on the weekend . What was the most exciting part was I showed him the boc and album I had made using some of his products . He had a look at it and said" Great job". He also signed his name on the botttom of the box and he said he was happy for Lisa to display the photo in her shop. I was super wrapped about the whole experience . If only Id known Id have brushed my hair and put some lippy on . LOL .