Monday, 9 April 2012

Hi All
            Iam starting a flower swap . I make lots of handmade flowers for pages and cards
and know there are lots of other people out there who would love to share thier flowers so
they can get a great stash of  flowers built up, a girl can never have too many flowers . So why not join this group and swap some of your great flowers with others and recieve some great flowers in return . I am trying to get this started for May .It goes like this if we have 6 in the group you will
need to make one flower for each of the other members  within One month . As more members
join you will need to make more flowers .It is your choice if you want to make one to keep
for yourself .

The Guide Lines .

The swap will be monthly The THEME and TWIST will be emailed to you by the first of the
month and you will have to the last day of the month to get them to the other members. So
you will need a email address or access to one , and be willing to provide address details
to the other members so they can send your flower to you. At times members will want to post
photos of your swap flowers on the internet . If you do not want your name or details used
when posting photos please state this when you join ,Like wise if you have a blogg or
facebook page that can be linked to  these photos please state this when you join .

Flowers are to be handmade as much as possible but can have non handmade items on them .( So if you are really stretched for time one month and buy flowers to swap, Thats ok as long as you
stick to theme and twist )

Unless stated in the" twist" flowers can be made out of anything the maker

Each month there will be a colour THEME and  TWIST. You can ask for your TWIST to be and ADD ON , or  MADE OUT OF . Example  : theme pink and twist is pearls add on  .So you would make a flower that is pink in colour and has pearls on it somewhere , Or yellow theme twist made
out of satin . So you would make a yellow satin flowers for that month ,Theme purple Twist
Add on lace so you would produce a purple flower using  lace on it somewhere. Get how it works?

It is the makers choice wether the flower has leaves on it or not ,unless stated as part of
the TWIST  .
The THEME and TWIST, together will be chosen by a one member of the group each month.

Size: any size the maker chooses up to 6 inches but remember they may have to be posted to
the other group members  .

All flowers are due by the last day of that month .

The maker is responsible for all costs involved including postage.

Any changes to the guide lines  must be agreed upon  by at least 80% of members and all
members  will be contacted about any proposed changes so they can have thier say, all
members are allowed to ask for changes that they feel need  to be made . .

If you choose to leave the group you need to give one months notice . 

All members must be over 18 or have thier parents permission to join this group .

I have not decided on number of members at this stage I think its best to wait and see how much interest we get. We can always start a second group if we get lots of people wanting to join .
If you are interested in joining this swap group you will need to contact me at                                                                                                                
by 26th of April 2012 to be in the start month May . If you contact me after this date you will have to wait untill the april to participate. You need to supply your full details including blogg address or facebook page if you have one . When you send me your email please let me know what you think about the number of members you want
                                           Cant wait to hear from you all
                                                           Cheers Sharon.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea ~ I'll email when I'm back from on hol's:):)