Friday, 29 June 2012

A page I did this afternoon of my son Ethan who we call Etunnar . He is very unwell at the moment and is in a mental health facility recieving ECT . This page is how I see his illness . Its colourful and kaotic and the book paper stiched together is how he talks when unwell random sentences pieced together to form what he thinks is a conversation .

I love how the background came out .It is really quite sparkly and colourful  .



  1. This is beautiful, Sharon, and I hope he gets better. Thanks for sharing this,

  2. Difficult to live with, mental illness...hope he is going well in there....must say, I love the page...especially the bg....& your bottle top!!!!!! It's GREAT:):):)

  3. thanks girls even though its a hard time for us I really had fun making this page , I really love mixing grundge with sweet .