Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Because  we have had so much rain and flooding here in Queensland in the last few days and I hurt my back at work than I have been house bound . So to save me getting cabin fever . I dosed up on strong pain killers and headed to the scrap room . I decided I need a Art Journal . I love the way it turned out  and it was fun doing Creative Messy Play . I used plenty of charms and bit and pieces That I couldnt use other wise as I hated the colours of them .  
So I started by sticking it all done on my journal covers . Than coated it in guesso then I used mists to colour it all '

Than I put a bit of rub and buff over the top . Than I coated it all with a coat of Kaiser gloss acrylic . Just need to had some rings and some pages . So expect some art journalling in the near future .