Saturday, 26 December 2015

Hi again just uploading a set of canvases I finished on Christmas eve . I started out with three blank canvases which I painted with black gesso. I used Monte Mart to see how it went compared to the 
Dina Wakley  and Golden one I had been using . I found on the canvas and over texture paste the coverage was good ,but when I started to paint over metal the coverage wasn't as good .

To get a good coverage I had to do two coats over the metal charms, which take a bit extra time and you can feel there isn't the TOOTH in the gesso as the others have .

As you can see I left a few charms unpainted . The white circle is a mirror . and there is a small clock at the top and a prima zipper which has a word on it and I was worried I would loose the word if I coated it in gesso .

I used mica powder and gel medium to colour the back ground . I used little blue , aquamarine, and maroon .  I found that when painting the mica on because the gesso doesn't have the same kind of thick coat feel to it I used more mica to get the colour effect and coverage I wanted, but not a significant amount .

I used a variety of colours on the charms to have them stand out from the back ground .Once I had finished painting the mica on I glued on a mixture of seed beads, micro beads and glass flakes around the charms . The glass flakes look a bit like snow .

Here are all three canvases finished, awaiting photos . This photo has quite a green look to the black gesso no matter what light i moved it in to I couldn't get it to change . I didn't have this problem with the other project when using other bands of gesso. I do believe it is  from the type of pigment base that is used to make the black gesso. In RL these canvases are a real blue colour .I am not an expert photographer so it may be my skills .Please bare in mind this is only my reality as I perceive it .

I  can see and feel the difference with the products that I have used . So I would advise anyone to try it your self . Monte Mart is really inexpensive product that we can get here in Australia easily  compared to some of the other brands out there that are more expensive and only available in craft shops. I have found a few issues with Monte Mart  to bare in mind when using it. When your just playing these  can be worked around, but if you want a piece that you want  to show case and highlight and will photograph well and show true colours in those photos use a better quality product. I used about a half of a jar of Monte Mart on these canvases where as I would have used at least two of the other brand . So price comparison is $6 for Monte Mart compared to $20 of the Dina Wakley Gesso or Golden gesso  . It would say I spent a couple of dollars more on the mica and gel medium as well when using Monte mart .
 I hope that some of you find this helpful . please let me know what you think , until next time stay safe and keep crafting its cheaper than therapy ....... Sharon


  1. Love your triptych! Great use of colours. And so good of you to share your experiences with different brands.
    Truly a masterpiece! ♡

  2. Love your triptych! Great use of colours. And so good of you to share your experiences with different brands.
    Truly a masterpiece! ♡

  3. These look amazing....I do love how the metal colour & blues and bead stand out against the black bg. I use MM white gesso a LOT. But because it does NOT cover so thickly, so for popping over stuff to 'subtle' it up, it's brill! But black I've never used. Usually if I use black I want thick coverage, and you're right. MM is a bit watery feeling:) Still, they all have their uses. I'm NOT buying anymore mixed media stuff 'til I've used up all in my cupboard. Well, that's my intention!!! Hope you have a nice Christmas & all the best for 2016 Mazz!!!!

  4. I love that you've done a comparison of a few brands of black gesso, makes for interesting reading!!
    The canvases look beautiful too!!