Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hi I have been busy all weekend making an album that a friend asked me to make for his sons upcoming wedding . The colours for  the wedding are orange black and white with a Gatsby theme . This was really hard . So this is what  I came up with hope everyone is happy with it .
I have put in about 26 hours of work on this one .  

 Firstly the assembly of the pages it has 12 pages of the inner album all have pockets .

  Next was the cover of the album from chipboard

 Next I had to cut all the tags for the album . there are 44 tags all together . Well it is a wedding album there  will be heaps of pics to fill it . The idea was to have a page for a pic and the other side of tag is for journaling  so each tag has paper one side and white cardstock on the other . They are having deposable cameras on each table lots of pics will be taken .

 Covering the cover and doing the inside of cover as there is pockets on front and back and three little boxes to put memorabilia in .
 Another shot of the many tags I had to cover .

The Album cover. I cut a heart shaped hole in the front cover as a picture frame to put the couples photo in . This was an after thought and I will never do it again when the whole album is pieced together . It was hard , but think it turned out ok . You can clearly see the hole in the next shot .

Inside the front cover , this is where the photo of the couple goes .

                                                          Some of the pages with trims

A close up of the album cover ,faux leather binding . I love how this technique  turns out .
Firstly you emboss it ,then spray it with some mists, dry it off, then coat it in PVA glue and let it dry . It becomes very durable and has a leather look to it .

                                          More pages seemed like they went on for every ' LOL

                                                                      More pages ..

 Some of the tags I made them as double flaps . I used 50 sheets of cardstock on this project

It was a big job and I only had a few days to do it in . Well its finished and now to clean up . LOL  the best part .
                                                  Till next time stay safe and keep scrapping . 

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