Friday, 3 May 2013

Hi everyone here is a mini album I have been working on . When I went away on my retreat with the Glitterbugs a few weeks ago and Shaneen had made a envelope album and made her inserts this way I had nt thought of this before and think its really clever . Shaneen is so creative and always willing to share her idears with you . I have made  evlope albums and thought Id have a go at it with the Sizzix on the edge die like Shaneen had done . 

 As I teach at Kaiser I use lots of Kaiser products in my work . I thought about using cardstock to make the inserts but as I had to buy the card pack to get the envelopes I might as well use the cards as inserts I have just cut them with the destressed dioley die.

 As you can see each envolpe has been covered with paper and the cut down card too and photos added .

 I embellished with some of my mant charms and it was done . Thanks for the inspiration Shaneen .I love the &5 cents paper range . I have used it so much everyone is like  get a new colour scheme . LOL


  1. What a GREAT looks fab with those papers & I really, really like the doily die you've used....yum!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is just gorgeous & thanks so much for sharing the idea around. beautiful x